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Driver picks the tunes,
shotgun shuts his cake hole.

'Don't make me lose you too.'

"She’s my sister, she would never hurt me.”

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We only have each other 
It’s just you and me 
What are we gonna do? 

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driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole | listen


Surprise! Another network for you all! If you love reading the many kinks, fluff moments and just overall cute moments between our favorite angel and a hunter then join the Destiel Fanfic Galore Network.

How To Enter:
  • Must follow this kinky reader
  • Reblog this post. Please no likes.
  • Fill out this survey
  • Willing to follow some of the members (Between 5-10)
  • Must reach 15 notes or I’ll forget about this and cry because it didn’t work out
What I'm Looking For:
  • Friendly blogger that loves the destiel ship (sabriel, sastiel, wincest and etc shippers are welcomed too)
  • Clean, organized theme
  • Tagging system
  • Supernatural has to be your main fandom
  • Writing fanfics, making edits and graphic are bonus points (not required)
What you get when accepted:
  • A follow from me and 5-10 members
  • A spot on the network page
  • Friends!
When you get accepted:
  • Follow me
  • Follow at least 5-10 members
  • Track #destielfanficgalore
  • Add the link of the network page to your blog somewhere
  • I will message you what I need from you
destielsfalling whispered:
Hey! This is awkward but I found one of your AMAZING gifs (HOLY CRAP YOU'RE AMAZING) and I wanted to use to as my sidebar, BUT I didn't know who made it, so I've been searching for you and finally by chance I just found the exact post of the gif I wanted to use and wondered if I could continue to use your gif if I cred you in my sidebar? :)

Wait I’ve only made a couple of gifs and they were not great….hahah THIS is awkward but the gif you are thinking of is probably the one that has gotten reblogged a lot but isn’t mine—the destiel in purgatory black and white.
I just wanted to make that statement of the hand placement and consequent feels, so I google image searched for a gif of that moment and I found that gif but couldn’t figure out who made it.
If I’d had an idea of how popular it would be, I probably wouldn’t have even posted it because now I worry that tons of people have not read the tags on my original post where I stated that the gif is not mine and have given me undue credit for the actual gif.
I’m hoping that someday the original maker will come across the post and and send me a message so I can add their url as the source on the post and shower them in love and credit (and profuse apologies if they feel slighted) or whatever they desire. Maybe I should just delete my original post. I would hate for other people to think I was trying to steal or claim credit for stuff that isn’t mine.
If you’ll notice on my page, I have a link to the tag “mine”. Those are the only things I claim credit for: some metas, some artwork, some ficlets, one or two gifs, a couple of poems. And my url. I have great pride in my url. haha
Other than that, I guess I just have good taste for promoting/reblogging other creative gif/graphic geniuses.

supernatural meme: [2/4] relationships→ Sam x Castiel

Nothing is worth losing you.

We know who you are, we’ve heard all about you, but hearing is one thing.

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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.